4324 Long Beach Road, Southport, NC 28461 | Tue-Sat: 10AM-4PM, Sun-Mon: CLOSED


Brian and Jim were super helpful. I’m from out of town and my Supersix wasn’t shifting right (I just had it serviced back home). Jim fixed my bike at a more than fair price. Knowledgeable, personable and reasonable!
– Randy Atwell

Just stopped in for a quick repair – great experience. I would highly recommend to any beach cyclist.
– Paul Williams

Always friendly and solves whatever problem you may have. Often will do “while you wait” minor repairs.
– Geoff Gallagher

Great bike shop. I went there to have my bike tune-up and also recently brought in a new e-bike but I bought directly in the internet and ask for his help. Great prices, positive support, inside for recommendations and never an attempt to upsell.
– Neil Rosenberg

Bought the family all new bikes from them great local owned shop.
– Michael Bowman

Super friendly and knowledgeable. Great inventory of assembled bikes and parts.
– Debra McLendon

Took my bike there today because I thought it had a flat tire and he put air in it and was very friendly. I will definitely be back if I had any other major problems.
– Jakob Wagner

I went today to see if they could figure out the problem with my spin shoe clips. Both gentleman were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and fixed the problem!
– Betty Souders

Jim and his team are VERY knowledgeable and cater to guys that are considered “spandex crowd” while also servicing those casual riders who want to bike for fun and exercise. GREAT BALANCE! Customer service is excellent….doesn’t just want to sell you stuff….will make sound recommendations based upon your riding style and actual needs. A great local bike shop!!!!!
– William Alford

I was very pleased with the service I received on my bike. The owner was very knowledgeable and personable. Repaired and inspected my bike all for a reasonable cost and did the work immediately. Can’t ask for more than that!
– Katy McGannon

I don’t write reviews, but after my experience, I had to write. The guys at Cycle Dynamics went above and beyond during my recent visit. The advice, the honesty in not over selling a bike we didn’t need, and their over all pleasant demeanor during the transaction was truly a breath of fresh air. To top it off, the ol’ wifey- bless her heart, bent the rim transporting the bike to the house in a golf cart in a minor fender bender. So back to Southport I go. These guys tried to save me some money and repair the wheel, but ultimately decided to replace the rim. But instead of making me wait, and wasting my vacation, these guys took a complete tire and rim off one of their floor sale bikes and allowed me to purchase it without waiting to order it. Hard to find that kind of service these days. Thanks guys. Customer for life. There’s more, but I’ll spare everyone more of a gushing review. You get the point.
– Edward Brown