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Friends Don’t Let Friends Ride Walmart Bikes

We all have that one “friend” who is considering purchasing an inexpensive bicycle from Walmart or other “big box” stores.  Why wouldn’t they?  Who doesn’t like saving money?  But tell your “friend” to BEWARE!  There are hidden costs associated with purchasing discount bikes.

Poor Assembly

The employees building bikes in the backroom at Walmart are often the same guys assembling patio furniture and barbecue grills.  If the bike is not properly assembled to begin with, it may cost more in repair costs at a bike shop than the price of the bike itself.  There are many things to consider  when assembling a bike with safety being first and foremost.   Even if there aren’t outright safety issues, poor assembly can mean poor shifting drive trains, under inflated tires, loose headsets, wheels that are improperly tensioned, and other problems that will shorten a bike’s lifespan.  If your “friend” insists on purchasing a Walmart bike encourage them to bring it to Island Bicycles for a safety check or full assembly.

No Knowledgeable Sales Person

Again, the employees at big-box stores are generalists who do everything from stock shelves to organizing kid’s clothes to assembling aisle end-cap displays for the latest toys.  Most don’t really know much about bikes and are not able to help the buyer select the right bike.  The staff at Island Bicycles can help you select the right bike to meet your needs.

Total Cost of Ownership

Sure, you can get a big-box store bike for $100 to $200.  Inexpensive bikes are normally heavy, made of poor quality  steel and inferior components.  Over time this will translate into poor performance and, rusted frames and parts requiring frequent service, maintenance or replacement.

No Service

Take your bike back to Walmart for service and maintenance?  Forget about it!  Bikes break-in with use and may require a tune-up or brake adjustment.  It may be necessary to take it to a shop to fix anything that was poorly adjusted to begin with.  Island Bicycles offers free, lifetime light maintenance to the original purchaser of any new bicycle.

Have your “friend” come to Island Bicycles to see our selection of quality bikes from Electra, Fuji, Jamis and others.  They’ll be glad they did.

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